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Stop Fly-tipping

We all like to spend time in clean and tidy spaces.

At home we use trash bins for waste. We even segregate it to make recycling easy and of course, to save our Planet.

So what makes some individuals think that it’s OK to drop their rubbish on the street?

Our Home – South Norwood

South Norwood is our home. We feel better and we smile more often in clean places. It also influences our behaviour, mood and we definitely like to spend more time in a friendly environment.

Standard of cleanliness directly determines how our neighbourhood is seen by others and how welcoming the South Norwood is for shopping, renting and business investments.

Would you like to live in depressing area? Or rather in a happy place where business is growing, new jobs are created and residents are proud of their streets?

The choice is ours. It is a responsibility of all residents and businesses to keep our home clean.

The Problem


Fly-tipping negatively impacts the businesses and comfort of residents. It degrades valuation of the neighbourhood and deters positive change.

Our goal is to increase percentage of rented shops on the high street to keep it attractive for customers. It is crucial for local economy to stay above the “critical mass” of available shopping possibilities and services. Declining number of shops forces customers to change their shopping behaviour and in result they choose to do their shopping in different area, e.g. closer to work or in supermarkets rather than in local independent shops.

The overall impression of cleanliness helps to attract new businesses and investments. We need each other to keep the high street running.


Littering has significant environmental impact and is damaging to the image of our neighbourhood. It is not only a matter of aesthetic but also hygiene and safety.

Since early 2020 and Covid-19 pandemic, the waste products discarded improperly are also a serious threat to health. Plastic bottles, fastfood wraps, aluminium cans, cardboard takeaway boxes and food waste like chicken bones and chewing gums may be a source of biological contamination. It is extremely important do dispose it properly to prevent virus transmission.

Unfortunately we were able to find also a number of used masks and medical gloves on the streets and parkings of South Norwood.

There Is Hope

We need to underline that the majority of South Norwood businesses and residents care about cleanliness around their properties. It’s only small minority of individuals who undermine our collective efforts.

We are happy that many litter picking volunteers are showing excellent example how to make a difference. We encourage all members of our network to get involved in clean up events.

The Mission

Visual Improvement of South Norwood by elimination of fly – tipping, littering and other environmental crimes. Promotion of the image of responsible and environmentally friendly community.

Our Campaign

As a business network we focus mainly on support of shop owners in their actions to limit the problem and build awareness among the Customers. We understand however that there is a need to engage the whole community to successfully reach our goals. Therefore we are commited to support initiatives taken by our partners and organisations operating in SE25 area.

Communication Assumptions and Guidance

Education and information about an environmental, social and economical impact of the littering and fly-tipping is a first step in prevention and tackling the problem.

Start from your own property and surroundings. Promote the idea and try to organise your team, family, friends or neighbours to take part in cleaning or visual improvement project. 

Take action. Do not ignore it. Use your friendly relation with a neighbour to tactfully explain the issue and ask for responsible waste disposal.

If you feel unconfortable or not safe to intervene – don’t risk. Avoid escalation, we don’t support any vigilante style actions. You may consider leaving polite note asking to remove the waste. If unsuccessful report the issue (explore your options below).

Fly – tipping is illegal. Offenders will be fined and prosecuted. It is also antisocial and disrespectful behaviour towards the neighbours. The community do not accept it. Stand together and show your disapproval, sometimes it’s all we need to influence the bad actor. 

Always remember that it is about positive vibes, change for better, building meaningful and friendly relations within community. Be tactful and reasonable otherwise you are not going to create a happy place…

Cooperation With Local Authorities

Coordination of all initiatives and support of volunteers, organisations, schools and businesses is a key to good results.

We are looking forward to expand cooperation with Croydon Cuncil to promote the idea of clean South Norwood.

Please visit also Croydon Council website for more information. Below you can find useful links.

Report the Issue – Explore Your Options

To report the problem you may use brilliant app “Don’t Mess with Croydon”.

You may also call directly dedicated fly-tipping hotline of Croydon Council – 020 8604 7000

For online reporting use the Croydon Council reporting tool – link to the page below.

Segregate Waste

Don't Litter

Reuse & Recycle

Dispose Properly

Or Quit Smoking